Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Our Need

To be alone and insecure is to be caught speechless
When someone needs to hear those sincere words of sweetness.
Words to satisfy a hunger, a hunger for love and gentleness.
To be alone and witness love is to turn to a friend
And then to find them gone. Loneliness is utterly unkind.
Because when you are alone love is the hardest to find.
When you think it could be there is only a need for love.
The need for an undying love, a love that takes you far above
The loneliness of humanity, on the fulfilling wings of a dove.
To see love that is so meaningful and know somehow in your life
You would not have the need if you did not witness the strife
Over and over and over again and punish yourself through the night.
If you were of tomorrow you would not have the need,
The need of love today. It would be a withered weed
From yesterday and that would be the end of your need.

--April Mobley

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