Monday, July 2, 2012

Illuminating Blogger Award


Thank you so much to Cari for nominating me for this award!!

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Being new to blogging, it has been essential for me to have her assistance and guidance, but being able to rely on Cari is not new to me, she has been a great influence on me for many years. 

Many people know  I love to read, write, paint and sew, not so many people 
know my heart lies with old things.  I've been called an old soul many more
 times that I can count. I dream of visiting the pyramids and watching the sunset 
on the winter solstice at Stone Hinge on day. But few people know I LOVE "The Big Bang Theory"! Sheldon cracks me up! And I love Penny's "Nebraska" attitude. 
I would like to nominate the following bloggers because of their amazing 
attitudes and out look on the subjects they blog about.

Here are the Illuminating Blogger Award rules for accepting your award:
1. Create a post on your blog announcing your acceptance of the award.
2. In your acceptance post, thank the person who nominated you for the award, making sure to give a link back to that person’s blog.
3.  List 1 random thing about yourself.
4. Nominate at least 5 other blogs for the same award.
Congrats to you wonderful ladies, and thank you for inspiring me.
I have some great things lined up now that NighLon is finally up and running again!

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